Dr. O Nuallain – In his own words

“In June 2002, I was unfairly dismissed from DCU. I refused to enter yet another set of double binds – an utterly illegal disciplinary procedure initiated in the middle of a grievance procedure. SIPTU supported me in this, and I was summoned to a long meeting in July 2002 with the then branch secretary. Let us recall that our contracts at DCU require us to remain benefit members of SIPTU (that is, not just be members, but pay them about €250/year). This means, for example, that we must picket if there is an approved strike and we are asked to picket by SIPTU, or else we cease to be employees of DCU. Indeed, it means that we cannot comply with a disciplinary procedure that has not been approved by SIPTU, even if we wish to do so …” (more)

[Academic Tenure in Ireland, 27 August]

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