Quality Reporting

“… I was a member of the panel that wrote the report; apparently we were ‘damning in (our) indictment of universities in (Ireland)’. Just a wee bit overstated, I think. The article also makes a very interesting point about the differences between the Irish system of quality assurance and the ‘independent academic scrutiny that the vast majority of (academics) in Europe and North America’ are subject to. The panel really didn’t have much of a mandate in that regard – the particular version of quality assurance in Ireland, at least in terms of legal obligations, is fairly clearly set out in the Universities Act. However, speaking for myself alone, I do think it’s nice to see a discussion about how Ireland’s system fits into an international picture. Even if the picture painted by the article very much differs from my reading of (what is in part my own) report. Perhaps that’s me going native and the journalist is seeing the true story, or perhaps it’s just a bit of excitable reportage, but I don’t really think the article is a comprehensive summary of the report, or even an adequate summary of the summary! …” (more)

[Rhymes With Porridge, 14 October]


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