What may be an anachronistic view on tuition fees!

“First of all, speaking as a someone who is still at university I thought I would take a look at the issue of tuition fees in Northern Ireland. Don’t worry it is not a “Scrap fees!” piece, but more of a realistic and pragmatic approach to student finances. There have been recent protests surrounding Sir Reg Empey’s announcement that he would be increasing fees inline with inflation each year, with estimated £80 per year increases. The predictable outcome has led to calls to scrap tuition fees altogether, and although I disagree with this sentiment I can empathise with it. Can Sir Reg make the decision to end tuition fees? He would have to be able to recoup the costs elsewhere, and does anyone know what budget should be cut to provide this? …” (more)

[Redemption’s Son, 3 December]

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