Tales from the classroom

“I have mentioned before in this blog that, before I took up my present role, I greatly enjoyed teaching. Though I suppose it is not for me to say so, I believe I was a good teacher. But this did not come to me naturally. Recently I was going through some old papers, and I came across a set of notes I put together for my very first ever lecture, which I delivered in October 1980. Before that, I had for two years delivered small group tutorials in Cambridge, but in 1980 I was appointed Lecturer in Industrial Relations in Trinity College Dublin, and on that day in October I was to give my first ever lecture. I knew there were to be some 50 or so students in the room, all in their final year. I knew I would not even be the oldest person there, and to be perfectly frank I was terrified. I did not know if I could hold their attention or earn their respect, or indeed whether I would be able to control the proceedings …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 5 December]

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