FEE activist ‘manhandled’ by minister at NUI Galway protest

“The student who was manhandled last night by Minister Eamon O Cuiv has called for an apology from the minister. The incident took place during an anti-fees student protest at the visit of Ministers O Cuiv and Batt O’Keefe. The students attempted to block the ministers’ entrance to the university, adopting the slogan: ‘They are trying to block our access to college, so we’ll block theirs’. One student was grabbed by the Minister who tried to push him from a railing. ‘I was on the other side of a railing!’ the student said. ‘O Cuiv’s claims that we were squashing him into a corner are completely bogus. He was the aggressor; he came over and grabbed me. I call on the Minister to formally apologise to myself and the FEE campaign for his actions.’ … (more)

[Emma Beckett, Indymedia Ireland, 10 December]

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4 Responses to “FEE activist ‘manhandled’ by minister at NUI Galway protest”

  1. Godot Says:

    more info here – http://9thlevelireland.wordpress.com/2008/12/10/fee-activist-manhandled-by-minister-at-nui-galway-protest/

  2. teachthemasses Says:

    I’m sure in this day and age someone will have saved it on there mobile phone and we will all see what really happened when it makes its way to the denizens of RTE2…….

  3. teachthemasses Says:

    Sorry…..brain fart…..THEIR mobile phone

  4. Godot Says:

    speaking of brain farts, I copied and pasted the wrong url above. Thers more info at http://free-education.info/2008/12/10/fee-activist-manhandled-by-minister-at-nui-galway-protest/

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