Message 1: ‘RAE2008 confirms UK’s dominant position in international research’

“Like the launch of a spaceship at Cape Canaveral, the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is being prepared for full release. The press release was loaded up 14 minutes ago (and is reprinted below). Careers, and department futures, will be made or broken when the results emerge in 46 minutes. Note how they frame the results ever so globally; indeed far more so than in previous RAEs. I’ll be reporting back tomorrow when the results are out, and I’ve had a chance to unpack what ‘international’ means, and also assess just how ‘international’ the make-up of the review panels — both the main and sub-panels — is (or is not), and what types of international registers were taken into account when assessing ‘quality’. In short, can one self-proclaim a ‘dominant position’ in the international research landscape, and if so on what basis? Leaving aside the intra-UK dynamics (and effects) at work here, this RAE is already (judging from the press release) turning out to be a mechanism to position a research nation within the global research landscape. But for what purpose? …” (more)

[GlobalHigherEd, 17 December]

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