Welsh university turns Spielberg the colour purple

“The University of Lampeter in Wales has been forced to apologise to film director Steven Spielberg for using a picture of him to promote a scriptwriting course without his permission. The case underlines the pitfalls of overethusiastic marketing by universities and colleges. Tucked away in the hills of mid-Wales, Lampeter, one of the UK’s smallest universities, nevertheless found itself on the radar of lawyers representing the interests of the world-renowned director of Jurassic Park, ET, The Color Purple and Saving Private Ryan, who nipped in the bud any chance of the university basking in his reflected glory. In this instance, the offending article was an A4 course brochure designed for circulation at writing festivals to promote the university’s creative and script-writing masters course …” (more)

[Anthea Lipsett and Donald MacLeod, Guardian, 8 January]

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