Nurture all-round talents

“Talent management is the hot theme on the corporate agenda, addressing how to recruit, retain and develop the talent an organisation needs to ensure a successful future. But what is it that organisations are looking for? There are lots of buzzwords in the corporate vocabulary – ‘emotional intelligence’, ‘complex teams’, even ‘talent management’ – that are touted as requiring new skill sets, but if you look behind the terms, not much is new. Organisations need people who can communicate effectively, who can solve problems and spawn new ideas and who can work collaboratively with different people all around the world. These elements underpin successful individuals in organisations. People can learn the finer points of their work and their market as they move up and around an organisation. The basis of who they are, how they think and how they relate to others is a more fundamental form of development – it is the development of the individual as a person. While this continues throughout our working lives, the best opportunity for developing these foundations is at university …” (more)

[Eddie Blass, THE, 15 January]


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