You know what I really hate …?

“‘Grade-grubbing students’ and ‘awkward departmental cocktail parties’ are among dozens of academic bugbears exposed in a revealing list published online. It may be meant as a bit of fun, but the list by academics on the social networking site Facebook also lays bare the betes noires of long-suffering lecturers. The targets for their frustration and ridicule include their students, peers, managers and institutions, as well as the world of higher education in general. Students, unsurprisingly, are given a hard time, from the ‘annoying, know-it-all grad student’ to those who send text messages during classes and those who come to lectures when they are ill. Also on the list are ‘students with a crush’ and ‘ultra-religious students’ …” (more)

[John Gill, THE, 15 January]

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