University sector needs review of funding system and reform of structures

“Fine Gael Spokesperson on Innovation Cork TD Deirdre Clune has expressed her belief that the Government is allowing our third level institutions drift aimlessly by showing no leadership on issues such as funding and reform. ‘The current difficult position that Higher Level Education Institutions find themselves in was summed up well by the recent comments of Dr. Michael Murphy, President of UCC. He described how the University may have to look at reducing staff numbers and curtailing services to stay within budget. A major Irish University being forced into such a position again raises questions about the funding and reform of the third level education sector. Despite the worsening situation the Government has continued to ignore the problems and provide any plan for the future. In the long term our third level institutions will have to play an essential part if we are to recover from the current economic recession and build for the future but this should not involve the re-introduction of college fees …’” (more)

[Deirdre Clune TD, 16 January]

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