Cut-throat jobs market forcing graduates to stay in college

“Record numbers of graduates are planning to stay in college to gain further qualifications because the jobs market has become so cut-throat. This year’s graduating classes of teachers, lawyers and architects will face an especially tough jobs market as the recession deepens. Many firms are recruiting only a quarter of the numbers of previous years. And in some cases, graduates who have been offered positions are being asked to postpone their starting date for a year. Graduate confidence has evaporated in the space of 12 months, a new survey has revealed. Last year, 60pc of graduates were confident and optimistic, but in a complete reverse now 60pc are nervous and pessimistic, according to the GradIreland survey. But it is not all bad news …” (more)

[Fergus Black, John Walshe and
Gemma O’Doherty, Independent, 17 January]

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