Everyone is talking the talk

“… Many institutions in Europe, particularly business schools, have accepted that English is the commercial lingua franca. Even the French, whose immortels in the Academie francaise devote hours to inventing French terms for Anglo-Saxon words such as ‘football’ and ‘software’ that creep into use, which they regard as tres beyond the pale. There is now a range of courses being taught in English across France to a cosmopolitan array of students drawn to the weather and lifestyle of places such as Grenoble. While UK business schools might be sniffy about the quality of the English skills of the lecturers in such institutions, they cannot hide from the fact that they pose serious competition. Even Switzerland now takes 23 per cent of its students from overseas, and there are 200 masters courses taught in English …” (more)

[Ann Mroz, THE, 22 January]


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