Unjustifiable for O’Keeffe to Give €120,000 Lecturers Massive Pay Hike – Hayes

“It has emerged today (Thursday) that just last month Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe granted university professors, who already earn between €123,000 and €160,000, a 5.5% pay hike. Fine Gael Education Spokesman, Brian Hayes TD described this decision as unjustifiable in terms of the dire state of the public finances. ‘At a time when students face a massive hike in registration fees and over half of the universities are in a budget deficit position, unjustifiable pay awards of this nature make it impossible for agreement to be found in the area of third level reform. Batt O’Keeffe must be living on another planet if he thinks that lecturers earning over €120,000 deserve a pay hike … ’” (more)

[Fine Gael, 29 January]

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