Defence of NUI in hostile climate a key task – potential chancellor

“Ensuring the survival of the National University of Ireland (NUI) would be the essential and only task facing its next chancellor, one of the candidates for the role has said. ‘A hostility towards the NUI has developed,’ explained Maurice Manning, currently a member of the NUI senate and president of the Irish Human Rights Commission at a hustings for the candidates last night. Some see the NUI as ‘a desirable cutback’, he added. The NUI is the federal body for four universities, including University College Dublin, and some other colleges. It receives €44 for each student under the NUI. In 1997, universities were given control of their own affairs, power formerly held by the NUI. It retains responsibility for entrance to its universities and for degree standards …” (more)

[Genevieve Carbery, Irish Times, 5 February]


One Response to “Defence of NUI in hostile climate a key task – potential chancellor”

  1. Gavin Dublin Says:

    In circumstances where the existence of the NUI is under threat I think the only logical vote is for Manning. He has the political experience and connections to keep the profile of the institution raised and the ability to access those in the corridors of power either through reputation or personal relationship. With the greatest respect the eminent professor from Cork is a nobody is political terms and a vote there would be wasted in present circumstances.

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