Universities are not guilty of deluding students and employers

“Decca Aitkenhead refers to allegations of an ‘official conspiracy’ in which all universities present themselves as being the same (‘Students have been sold a lie’, 31 January). We don’t and we never have. As president of the representative body of 133 British universities, as principal of a Russell Group university and before that a vice-chancellor of a university only given the title in 1992, I know at first-hand this is not true. Britain’s university sector is proud of its diversity. We recognise that students are looking for different experiences and that individual students will flourish on the course and institution best suited to them. The ‘charade of equivalence’ – which Aitkenhead is concerned will delude employers – lies, I suspect, more in her own rosy-tinted remembrance of her time at university 15 years ago than in today’s reality. Universities today work closely with employers to devise courses and provide work experience that will equip graduates for the workplace …” (more)

[Rick Trainor, Guardian, 5 February]


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