FEE Report from February 4th

“… As the protest reached the platform, we decided that some sort of concrete action be taken, since USI’s idea of a strong message is getting thousands out on the streets, having them listen to monotonous electoral drones and then engaging with them through a public meeting. With the support of the WSM, the SP, Ógra Sinn Féin and the SWP, we managed to gather a group of about 300 students and march through the street right to the front of the Dáil. The vibrant atmosphere that had been lost by many students during the protest was regained in our breakaway, as we reclaimed the streets, marched to the Dáil and held a sit-down protest. The momentum that was sparked was truly sensational and I’m confident that many students who were previously uninvolved will now be activists in this common struggle. Paul Murphy and myself from UCD FEE, Áine from NUIG FEE and a representative from the Campaign to Defeat Fees in Northern Ireland gave brief speeches on the issue of fees, what FEE stands for and our immediate strategies for future action. Although there were some divergences, the one message that resonated loud and clear is that we need a mass grassroots campaign that has great support from other sectors of society (workers, unions, pensioners, secondary level students etc) that pushes for one-day shutdown of the 3rd level system …” (more)

[Julian Brophy, Indymedia Ireland, 8 February]

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