Another system of ranking universities

“Talking about rankings usually means talking about league tables. Values are calculated based on weighed indicators which are then turned into a figure, added and formed into an overall value, often with the index of 100 for the best institution counting down. Moreover, in many cases entire universities are compared and the scope of indicators is somewhat limited. We at the Centre for Higher Education Development are highly sceptical about this approach. For more than 10 years we have been running our own ranking system which is so different to the point that some experts have argued it might not be a ranking at all which is not true. Just because the Toyota Prius is using a very different technology to produce energy does not exclude it from the species of automobiles. What then are the differences? First, we do not believe in the ranking of entire higher education institutions. This is mainly due to the fact that such a ranking necessarily blurs the differences within an institution …” (more)

[Uwe Brandenburg, University World News, 15 February]

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