Students warned they’ll have to pay for college

“Batt O’Keefe, the education minister, is planning a formal system of private donations to third-level colleges in the hope of amassing millions of euros in endowment funds for Irish universities. But he has made clear that students who can afford it will have to pay towards the cost of their college education in future. O’Keeffe has asked a group reviewing the structure and funding of the third-level sector to explore the potential of philanthropic donation to third-level education. ‘I have to ask the question: “How many more Chuck Feeneys are out there that we haven’t sourced yet?”,’ said the minister, in a reference to the Irish-American benefactor whose donation of millions of dollars to Irish education gave a huge boost to the likes of the University of Limerick and Dublin City University. ‘There is so much goodwill to Ireland, so many people who have ties and relationships with Ireland that if we make it amenable to them, I think they would be willing to become involved’…” (more)

[Stephen O’Brien, Sunday Times, 14 February]

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