Autonomy for Irish Universities – Time to rethink the Strategy?

“There is now a wide-ranging review of the Irish University sector taking place at the behest and instigation of the current Minister for Education. Within its remit, proposals to amalgamate several colleges and Institutes of Technology (ITs) have been muted, along with the controversial policy to re-introduce fees for third level students. The last major overhaul of the University sector in Ireland commenced with the enactment of the Universities Act, 1997 and the abolition of University fees by a former Labour Minister for Education, Niamh Bhreathnach, the previous year. Various arguments for and against a major restructuring of University Governance have been circulated around Irish academia for the last couple of years, and in particular, during the economic boom that postdated the abolition of fees and the introduction of the legislative framework in 1997 …” (more)

[University Blog on Academic Tenure in Ireland, 16 February]

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