“Cork is beginning to feel more familiar and I feel more like I actually live/belong here, instead of constantly being a tourist. Classes are different here, much less structured, and they expect people to do the learning more on their own. Most of my classes are for visiting students, so those haven’t been hard to adjust too, and I like all three of those. I really like my Irish History class, and the music class I’m in is fun too, though I’ve missed three of those classes, one because I didn’t know they changed the room the class was in, one because the professor didn’t show up, and another because I was stranded in London … Gaelic is interesting, but not easy at all, pronunciation is what kills me. They standardized the spelling into the roman alphabet, but still pronounce things like they did with the non-roman spellings, so I have no idea how to pronounce something until I’ve heard it …” (more)

[True Story, I’m going to Ireland, 16 February]

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