Removal of sceptic raises heat in the blogosphere

“Australia is sweltering through a heatwave, suffering temperatures of about 50C (122F) in recent weeks. In such a climate, it is not surprising if global-warming sceptics get short shrift. However, the case of an academic who was apparently struck off a university’s adjunct staff list after writing a newspaper article questioning the climate-change consensus has got some observers hot under the collar. Jon Jenkins was credited as an adjunct professor of virology at Bond University in Queensland when he produced an article for The Australian newspaper last month. It knocked the theories of ‘warmaholics’ who were ‘drunk on Government handouts and quasi-religious adulation from left-wing environmental organisations’. The article was also critical of a report by the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change, parts of which Dr Jenkins said had been compiled by ‘scientist mates’ with vested interests …” (more)

[John Gill, THE, 19 February]

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