A beacon in the darkness

“Today’s launch of a national federation of atheist, humanist and secularist students’ groups is a significant moment. At the most obvious level, from today’s students come some of tomorrow’s leaders and opinion formers, and the ideas that the alembic of university life gives them the opportunity to explore will play a part in how they influence the future. The fact that some people change their minds (look at today’s government ministers passing laws which, as long-haired students decades ago, they would vociferously have demonstrated against) and abandon their principles for a place in an official limousine or a boardroom seat, does not undermine the general point: commitments worked out and acted upon now by those who will one day sit in parliament, edit newspapers, run companies, teach and write, will never be forgotten …” (more)

[AC Grayling, Guardian, 19 February]

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