The Buttery at Trinity

“I’m probably going to be lynched by the world’s politest mob for this. I met up with a staff member from Trinity College Dublin’s staff last week for lunch. We hadn’t made any plan in advance, so I thought I’d see what lunch was like in TCD’s canteen, The Buttery. It’s in a cavernous, wood-panelled, old hall. An impressive and grand space with big long tables. Full of pictures of austere old deans or college presidents staring down with their cold, dead eyes. I fully expected a gang of young wizards to hop onto their broomsticks and fly off to class. That magic didn’t materialise. As soon as I sat down to my meal, I thought: what’s the point of this place anymore? For €9.85, I got paella, without a wedge of lemon. I’ll grant that paella can be tricky and often doesn’t work out …” (more)

[, 19 February]

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