Reintroduction of third level fees will be fought not just by students

“The union of Students of Ireland (USI) held a briefing session in Dublin this week outlining the issues that they want addressed to ensure that Education continues to remain accessible as we face into a turbulent financial era. Obviously the issue of 3rd levels fees was raised with USI opposed to their reintroduction rather they believe that it should be funded through the taxation system. The Minster is due to bring forward his proposals in April this year and he appears to be championing a case to bring back 3rd level fees. Fine Gael are also looking at the issue and Brian Hayes, our Education spokesman, is due to produce a Green Paper on the matter outlining our alternative so there will be plenty of debate on the issue. I think that there must be a focus on our 3rd level institutions and we must ensure that we have quality and measured outcomes for students …” (more)

[Deirdre Clune TD, 20 February]

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