Oz elite damn review as a ‘road map to mediocrity’

“After six weeks spent digesting Australia’s most comprehensive review of higher education in recent times, the country’s elite universities have branded it a ‘road map to mediocrity’. The Review of Australian Higher Education, chaired by Denise Bradley, former vice-chancellor of the University of South Australia, recommended a radical overhaul of the sector, including a massive expansion in student numbers. Its significance to Australian higher education has been likened to the impact in the UK of Lord Dearing’s review in 1997, but now the Group of Eight, which represents Australia’s most prestigious research-led institutions, has criticised its findings. The group met Julia Gillard, Minister of Education, to discuss its concerns. It said the recommendations of the review risked setting students up for a fall and wasting public money …” (more)

[John Gill, Times Higher Education, 26 February]

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