Students’ sense of entitlement angers academics

“Concern is building that US students have developed an unhealthy sense of ‘entitlement’ to higher education. When Times Higher Education columnist John H Summers described his experiences as a lecturer at Harvard University, saying that students sometimes viewed him as in their pay and duty-bound to award top grades, the account caused fierce online debate. Now the issue has raised its head again in The New York Times, which reported a recent study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine. It found that a third of students expect a B grade just for attending lectures and completing the required reading. The newspaper quotes Marshall Grossman, professor of English at the University of Maryland, who said that he now expects complaints whenever he reveals grades to his students. ‘Many … come in with the conviction that they’ve worked hard and deserve a higher mark. Some assert that they have never got a grade as low as this before,’ he said …” (more)

[John Gill, Times Higher Education, 26 February]

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