DCU president blasts former lecturer’s blog

“DCU president Ferdinand von Prondzynski has labelled as ‘outrageous and wholly untrue’ several posts made against him in a blog. His comments came in response to several entries on the University Blog on Academic Tenure in Ireland, written by former DCU computing lecturer Sean O’Nuallain. In his blog O’Nuallain makes several claims that the DCU president is incompetent, ‘brutal’ and ‘sadistic’. He also states in the preface of his 2002 book Being Human: The Search for Order that DCU is practically ‘systematically abusing students’ as a result of decisions made by university management. Von Prondzynski told the College View that he is not taking the blog seriously as it ‘is highly scurrilous and contains a huge amount of defamatory and totally untrue material. His blog is just one long bizarre fantasy, and is an attempt at character assassination’ …” (more)

[Audrey Donohue, College View, 27 February]


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