DCU set to fork out over exam debacle

“DCU is to shell out thousands of euro in order to compensate students of a part-time course who were left disappointed when they were refused exam exemptions that they believed applied to them. In October the College View reported students of the Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science (GCAS) course were denied these exemptions. The resulting uproar led to a solicitor’s letter being sent to university chiefs the following November on behalf of three of the students concerned. Since then all students of the course have been offered free tutorials from DCU that will be run by the Actuarial Education Company. The organisation specialises in providing tuition for actuarial exams and is part of the Institute of Actuaries, the body that decides which courses in Britain and Ireland are to receive exemptions from actuarial exams …” (more)

[Michael McHale, College View, 27 February]

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