Education’s ‘great conciliator’

“He left school at 16, starting work as a clerk. He was never a teacher, a vice-chancellor or a politician. Instead, he was a self-effacing, hard-working, wily conciliator who spent his life as a public servant. Yet Lord Dearing – who died last week – was education’s universal ‘Mr Fixit’. Indeed, his influence continues to shape most parts of today’s school and university system. Just look at some of the reforms that can be traced directly to his extraordinary list of influential education reports: The introduction of student fees, AS-levels, the slimmed-down national curriculum, the assessment of ‘core skills’, and compulsory foreign languages in primary schools. His skill was highly prized by politicians. He was not a tub-thumper. Nor was he an innovator. But he had an extraordinary knack for making things work and for achieving compromise and agreement …” (more)

[Mike Baker, BBC News, 27 February]

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