Students’ pockets suffering but more pain to come

“A Higher Education Authority report has revealed that the reintroduction of tuition fees will cause more student debt since college students’ expenditure already exceeds their income. The Eurostudent Survey, which includes responses from over 18% of DCU students, shows that each month during term-time the average student is spending over €300 more than they receive in income. An average full-time student spends €1086.84 a month and earns €779 in income. During an eight month college year, Irish third-level students are lumbered with an expenses bill that costs €2,462.72 more than the income they’ll have earned in the same period. Already, more than 10% of Irish students have taken out a loan in order to pay for these third-level expenses. When the survey was conducted in 2007, before the current economic crisis hit, just under half of the full-time students surveyed were earning some money from employment …” (more)

[Samuel Hamilton, College View, 27 February]

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