FEE to hold ‘direct action’ referendum

“Campaign group, Free Education for Everyone (FEE) is to hold a referendum on 4th and 5th March asking students if they want to use ‘direct action’ to protest against the Government-proposed introduction of third-level education fees. The referendum proposes a day of shut down, where UCD students would opt not to attend lectures or classes and instead partake in a protest on Belfield campus. FEE member, Julian Brophy stated that the purpose of the day of shut down was to send out a message to the Government that the proposed introduction of third-level fees would not be tolerated by students. ‘We need to take a hard line to defeat this proposed introduction of fees. I think if 23,000 students decide not to go to college to shock the Government into action, they don’t have a choice but to listen’ …” (more)

[Zelda Cunningham, University Observer, 2 March]

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