UL seeks €5.2 million for faulty roof

“The University of Limerick (UL) is seeking €5.2 million in compensation from construction companies, Building Design Ltd and Rowland Roofing Ltd after leaks from the roof of the Health Science Building damaged medical equipment in the building. The building, which was constructed in 2005, has had the roof repaired over recent months but will require its entire new roof to be replaced due to the extent of damages caused. UL Students’ Union (SU) President, Pa O’Brian, said that the leaks had started a few months after the building’s initial construction. ‘The problem with the building was inadequate space,’ said Mr O’Brian. ‘[It] wouldn’t allow for the copper roof to expand and contract with heat and cooling. After a couple of months, it was noticed that there was an issue with the roof and water began to seep in’ …” (more)

[Alyson Gray, University Observer, 2 March]


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