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“Amid all the turmoil and talk about rebuilding the banking system and about the restoration of the public finances, it must not be forgotten that the biggest issue facing our economy at the moment is the creation of secure, long-term jobs. It is well recorded by now that the focal point for job creation has to be around people and knowledge. The old reliable industries – agriculture, manufacturing, construction – are important in their own right, but cannot carry the economy into the future. Instead we need to shape new economic forces that build on our specific capabilities. In that regard the Government’s Smart Economy Framework published late last year is saying many of the right things. Delivering on that framework, however, and managing all of the many inputs required to do so requires both fortitude and tenacity in the face of many still acting in denial or out of self-interest …” (more)

[Kieran McGowan, Irish Times, 10 March]

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