Barriers rising between business and universities

“Business leaders are increasingly frustrated with university red tape and ‘unrealistic expectations’ of how much research discoveries are worth, says a report from Imperial College Business School today. Getting universities to work with industry to commercialise academic research is a key government policy and ministers have earmarked £150m a year to promote it. Innovation is constantly hailed by ministers as a route out of the current recession. But the Imperial report, seen exclusively by the Guardian, suggests universities have used the extra funding to set up offices to liaise with industry, and to patent and licence the knowledge created from research. According to firms dealing with universities, this has led to a ‘rising tide’ of bureaucracy, says Dr Ammon Salter, a co-author of the Imperial report. Business leaders surveyed also said universities have ‘unrealistic expectations’ of the economic value of their research and try too hard to protect their interests …” (more)

[Anthea Lipsett, Guardian, 12 March]

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