Tech transfer in the real world

“Various models for developing Ireland’s tech have been tried over the past decade, at a direct cost of several billion Euro the taxpayer. Medialab; SFI; this current project at UCD/TCD; the current grotesque behaviour by DCU about tenure in an attempt by a foreigner to debauch an Irish state institution. Indirect costs include the morale loss to Arts and humanities, the downgrading of Ireland’s traditional areas of excellence in theatre and literature, the students ‘asked’ at the universities to sign 100% control of the IP to the university before final exams and so abandoning the project, and the destruction of the informal civil society/state network structure of Ireland’s software industry described so well by O Riain. This writer has gone public on each occasion about why each of these initiatives is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Most of this comes from experience at working in silicon Valley, including sitting on boards of start-ups. There are two ways by which tech transfer can be operated successfully; both require a strong corporate enforcement structure. That Ireland does not have …” (more)

[Seán O Nualláin, University Blog on Academic Tenure, 11 March]

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