IFUT responds to reports of job losses in universities

“IFUT General Secretary, Mike Jennings, said any rationalisation of higher education would only work if it emerged from a sincere and constructive engagement with all of the stakeholders, particularly the university staff who are represented by IFUT. ‘Rationalisation could be a good thing if it were genuinely aimed at bringing about improvements in the education system. However, any programme of rationalisation which is only a flag of convenience for cost cutting will generate only conflict and acrimony’, Mr Jennings said. Any top-down rationalisation which is imposed by diktat and without agreement simply will not work. The Government should learn from the decentralisation farce and recognise that better, more intelligent, more workable outcomes are achieved when the people directly involved are fully and genuinely consulted and listened to …” (more)

[IFUT, 16 March]

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