Student’s Stand Up by Sitting Down

“2009 has seen the largest wave of Student activism for a generation. Occupations by students have occurred at 25 universities across the country, including; Oxford, Kings College London, Manchester, with even Queen Mary, University of London getting involved. Student Activism has seemed dead for the past few decades but look not very long ago, and the student spirit was alive and able to achieve great change, for example when ‘busloads descended on the capital in the late 1980s in a wave of anti-apartheid rage.’ Why though, in a time when a university education is increasingly available to all, regardless of social, economic or political position do students feel they have a right to complain? The majority of students today have grown up with a predominantly Labour government, headed by Tony Blair, and more recently Gordon Brown. We have seen the Government wage extremely unpopular wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now we see the same Government doing nothing to prevent the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza. It seems Gaza has been the last straw for many students and has led them to organise rallies, marches and sit-ins …” (more)

[Annahart’s Blog, 15 March]

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