De Rossa slams Fine Gael proposal to use PRSI as a sneaky tax on education

Ireland“Speaking from Brussels this afternoon, Labour MEP Proinsias De Rossa expressed outrage at Fine Gael’s College Fees Proposal. ‘This is a misuse of the social insurance fund, which is intended to insure people against sickness, disability, accidents, unemployment and support in old age, it should not be used as a sneaky tax on education. This is in essence a levy on graduates, and assumes that all graduates end up with jobs – and high-paid jobs at that. Education should be universally available from kindergarten to third level free of charge, paid for by taxation based on ability to pay. This sort of proposal creates poverty traps, and burdens young people with payments when they are starting out in their working life …’” (more)

[Labour Party, 18 March]

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