Copyright laws are easily broken … hang on, that book looks familiar

Scotland“An academic expert in copyright law discovered that his own work had been illegally distributed on the internet while researching a paper on the problem. John Biggam, a lecturer in the department of strategy, innovation and enterprise at Glasgow Caledonian University, was undertaking research to show how easy it was to break copyright laws on the internet, when he discovered that one of his own books had been circulated for free without his knowledge or consent. ‘I do a lot of work on plagiarism, so I was writing a paper for a conference on the issue,’ Dr Biggam said. ‘The very point I was writing about was how plagiarism and digital piracy was easy to do through the internet …” (more)

[Hannah Fearn, Times Higher Education, 19 March]

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  1. yolevski Says:

    it seems most of today’s popular technology are more suitable for creative commons licensing, however, they continue to follow the old , outdate, copyright laws

    great post

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