Cap university salaries at 100k

Ireland“The following is intended as a survival guide for the Irish university sector. The current situation, whereby the taxpayer is compelled to pay out for lunatic schemes like Medialab and grotesquely inflated salaries for very mediocre academics, cannot be allowed to continue. If it is not stopped right now, the second budget of 2009 – which I confidently predict will occur by September – will erode any remaining citizen goodwill toward the Irish university sector to the point of street demos. The original 1985 comprehensive agreement between NIHE and the FWUI envisaged a top salary of about Euro 33k (“principal lecturer”, the highest-paid academic). 24 years later, let us be cautious and triple this; it comes to 100k. Now let us get really serious. SFI, PRTLI, the Digital Hub, and the current wretched attempt to create a ‘super’ Dublin southside university should all be scrapped, with savings of perhaps billions a year to the exchequer. One of the major issues apparently is fear that foreign academics will accept jobs elsewhere. Let them go, and good riddance! …” (more)

[Seán O Nualláin, University Blog on Academic Tenure, 19 March]


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