Fee Frenzy Hits Fever Pitch

Ireland“’Batt O’Keeffe, hear us clear, get your fees out of here!’ That was just one of the slogans students blasted out in recent protests against the reintroduction of college fees. The issue has been contentious since the minister for education, Batt O’Keeffe, first flew the fees kite last September. On Wednesday, Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes published his party’s ‘Third Way’ plan for a new graduate PRSI contribution scheme, whereby graduates would pay a higher PRSI rate when they start work to cover 30% of their education. The following day, O’Keeffe confirmed he will be bringing proposals to cabinet in the next fortnight that will compel students to pay for their college education …” (more)

[Conor McMorrow, Tribune, 22 March]

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