European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process

EU“‘This is a crisis’, is the most uttered sentence during these last months. Yes, this is indeed a crisis. An economic crisis throughout society. But this crisis is also social, cultural and environmental, in one word: a general or structural crisis. If the economic and financial systems’ collapse is used as an excuse to accelerate the commoditation of our lives, goods and public services, responsible for even more precarious working conditions, we won’t bite. In Greece, the youth and working class revolted in every public space, against government corruption and its neoliberal reforms. In Spain, no need to count anymore the number of occupied universities these last years, mobilised against the Bologna process. In Italy, for three months, now, the world of education is in revolt, and universities are constructing day after day another reform of university structure …” (more)

[Indymedia Ireland, 23 March]


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