NI universities urged to punish rioting students

UK“Politicians have called on the heads of the Northern Irish universities to punish students who took part in riots in Belfast on St Patrick’s Day. Over 19 people were arrested for the incidents with eight of those being charged with public order offenses. Reports on the other eleven people are being prepared for the Public Prosecution Service. According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), two officers were injured during the disturbances while a number of vehicles were also damaged during the confrontation between drunken students and police. Officers were pelted with bottles, fireworks and other missiles and had to form a line to keep back the troublemakers while almost every one of the hundreds of Belfast City Council wheelie bins in the area were upturned and emptied during the day. To further investigate the incidents, a special PSNI unit has been set up to help identify those involved in the riots …” (more)

[Quinton O’Reilly, University Observer, 24 March]

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