No to Third Level fees

Ireland“Well it looks like we are facing the end of free Third Level very soon. The leaks coming from the Department of Education make it clear that the reintroduction of Third Level fees is planned in the forthcoming budget. We scrapped college fees in 1995, at a time when the nation’s finances were worse than they are today. As far back as 2002 the Fianna Fail Minister for Education was looking to reintroduce Third Level fees and this was at the height of our economic boom. Now the current economic crisis is being used as a smoke screen to bring back college fees is underhand and shows up the lack of long term planning by this government. For shame, education is a right not a privilege. To think that the government are now going to target students and their families because their builder and banker friend wrecked the country. Have you no shame Mr Cowen …” (more)

[Elect Butler 2009 Campaign, 22 March]


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