The Anglicisation of Dutch universities: inhibiting intercultural exchange?

Holland“A recent NRC article warned that ‘English takes over at Dutch universities’. I, a German citizen who completed his undergraduate studies in an English-speaking programme in the Netherlands, of course found this very interesting … The focus of the article is on the growing discontent that this internationalisation created. One professor is quoted lamenting that Dutch becomes a ‘second-class language’, another professor sees the quality of education in decline: ‘In his inaugural lecture in 2005, [Groningen professor] Draaisma already argued that the switch to English hinders rather than helps the cosmopolitan academic. “You can travel where you like, but if all universities teach in English and prescribe English literature, then everywhere is going to start to look the same,” he says. A great deal of science can also be lost, he says. prominent figures from history who wrote in German or French could disappear from the curriculum just like that. “Moreover, the Dutch were always an intermediary between English, German and French. We are now losing this role …”’” (more)

[Eclectic Grounds, 25 March]

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