UL Plebiscite on Fees

Ireland“Today (Thursday) there is a vote of students in UL on fees. It arose from a proposal by the chairperson of UL Fianna Fail to make students vote on what kind of fees we want – which would have assisted the Student’s Union to ‘lobby’ for that specific type of fees, instead of fighting to defeat all forms of fees. Student opposition, including from the UL branch of FEE succeeded in getting a ‘no fees’ option 4 included, which reads: ‘I am opposed to alternatives to exchequer-funded third level tuition fees’. UL FEE have been the only ones campaigning on the vote, with everyone else focused on the SU officers elections. F.E.E. has been calling for a clear, ‘No to fees’ vote – putting No Fees as your ‘number 1’ vote and not giving any vote, even a second preference, to the other pro-fees options …” (more)

[Indymedia Ireland, 26 March]

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