Pension Provisions

Ireland“Senator David Norris: … I understand the levy will be applied to the personal remuneration of all college employees, regardless of contract or grade, from 1 March. The Government’s argument was that this would compensate them for the alleged advantage of public sector workers in terms of security of employment and pension benefits. A number of points need to be made regarding the anomalies affecting researchers. Researchers do not enjoy any of the benefits enjoyed by public sector workers, nor do they receive any overtime pay, despite the fact that a great deal of their work is done at night, after normal hours and at weekends. Most researchers are on fixed-term contracts with no guarantee of renewal. There are no defined pay scales and salaries are at the discretion of their supervisor rather than the college or Government. In other words, the instability of employment typically prevents them from enjoying the benefits of pension contributions over the longer term …” (more)

[Seanad Éireann, 26 March]

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