Debate on third-level tuition fees

Ireland“Sarah Carey’s concerns about the Labour Party’s commitment to social justice would have been quickly assuaged had she checked her facts first (Opinion, 25 March 2009). She is correct in pointing out that the road to third-level begins even before a child starts school, and that early intervention is essential if we are to give every child a genuine opportunity to get there. This is why, even before abolishing the university fees that were an obstacle to PAYE families, Labour established the Early Start pre-school programme for disadvantaged children. This programme in disadvantaged areas is exactly what Ms Carey advocates. If she is unaware of its existence, this may be because it has languished for years as a perpetual ‘pilot project’ under successive Fianna Fáil ministers for education …” (more)

[Ruairi Quinn, Irish Times, 30 March]

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