Speech by Fine Gael Innovation Spokeswoman Deirdre Clune TD at the Fine Gael 2009 Ard Fheis

Ireland“… Fine Gael is not afraid to meet this challenge. In his policy statement ‘The Third Way’, our education spokesman Brian Hayes recognised the importance of shaping education policy so it rises to the challenge of a constantly changing economic environment by boosting the numbers of students studying subjects critical for the future of our economy such as science, engineering, business and finance. While the Minister seems content with the current situation, we in Fine Gael say that this is not good enough. Other OECD countries recognised a long time ago that maths and science are essential and targeted those key areas in their education sectors. If we in Ireland want to compete with such countries we need to do likewise. The existing disconnect between the Department of Education & Science and the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment is terrifying and is symptomatic of a Government both floundering and unfocused …” (more)

[Fine Gael, 4 April]

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