Are we really that lazy?

Canada“I just read an article from The Star, a popular Toronto newspaper, about the declining work ethics of the current generation of students. ‘University professors feel their first-year students are less mature, rely too much on Wikipedia and “expect success without the requisite effort,” says a province-wide survey to be released today.’ After almost 5 years of university in a fairly rigorous engineering program in Ontario, what can I say? Yes, our generation (as a generalization) truly is that lazy. I completely understand the frustration of the university professors. Quite honestly, I feel the same disappointment and disdain. Despite our engineering class shrinking to less than half our original size in first year due to students failing out or switching to different programs, the average competency level of the students in our graduating class is still very sketchy (to put it mildly). It may be because I have high standards, but these students are going to be part of the engineering profession for crying out loud. Anyone less than competent should not even get an iron ring. 3 things that universities can do to raise the bar: 1. Enforce university rules to the fullest …” (more)

[Lynque Ltd, 6 April]

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